Roles and Committees of the Board



Allocation of Board Portfolios and committee memberships from 12 March 2024


                   Duties and Responsibilities                                                         Person(s)                                            

Governance, Risk, and Insurance, including changes to the Incorporated Societies Act, Health and Safety, Constitution, Club Toolkit

Chair: Anne Barrowclough

Member: John Skipper


Congress and Major Events

Chair: Bridget Hannaway

Members: Anna Kalma, Murray Wiggins, Sue Brown, Jenna Gibbons, Teri Logie, Allan Morris, and Alister Stuck

International-Open, Women, Mixed, and Senior

Chair: Committee to nominate

Members: Jonathan Westoby, Martin Reid, Jan Alabaster, Nigel Kearney, Kris Wooles, Sam Coutts,

Youth- International and Domestic

Chair: Sam Coutts

Member: Anna Kalma

Finance and Treasury

Chair: Sue Brown

Member: John Skipper

Teaching and Education

Chair: Douglas Russell

Members: Kate Terry, Shirley Newton, Phil Noye, Mary Christensen

Handicapping and Grading

Chair: Sam Coutts

Members: Murray Wiggins, Daniel Skipper


Chair: Mel Auld

Member: Anna Kalma

Online and Surveys

Chair: Kate Terry

Members: John Skipper, Murray Wiggins

Administration and Secretarial including Zone 7, WBF, ABF, Foundation, manual

Chair: Alister Stuck

Member: Allan Morris

Relationships- Clubs, Regions, Players, newsletters, communications, articles

Chair: Alister Stuck

Members: Mel, Allan


Chair: Mel Auld

Members: Alister Stuck, Sam Coutts

Directors including education, scorers, recorders

Chair: Murray Wiggins

Members: Caroline Wiggins

Regulations and Complaints

Chair: Matthew McManus

Members: Murray Wiggins, Caroline Wiggins, another national director/senior player

Staffing- performance, remuneration, personal development

Chair: Allan Morris


Chair: Allan Morris

Members: Board members


Chair: Kate Terry

Members: Rona Driscoll

Masterpoints- future, participation, cost

Chair: Alister Stuck



Conduct, Discipline  and Disputes Roger Bell Graham Stout, Bryan Northcott, Christine Gibbons, & Christine Wilson
Bridge Appeal Tribunal
Standing  Panel
  Ron Klinger, Mary-Ellen Newton, Richard Grenside, & Alan Dormer
 Auckland/Northland Jane Stearns Tania Brown, Hamish Brown, (Secretary), Jan Cormack, & Mary Chamberlain
 Waikato/Bays Alan Dick Ella Gray (Secretary), Greg Davenport, HIgh McAlister, Kevin Whyte & Nick Saunders
 Central Districts Bryan Green Mairi Fitzsimons, Colin Carryer, & Julie Bunnell
 Wellington TBA Margie Michael  (Secretary), John Patterson (Treasurer), Graeme Cheater,  Martyn Rew, Katherine Gough & Marion Loader
 Canterbury Mary Buckland Giles Hancock, Naomi Hannah-Brown, & Sam Gurney
 Top of the South Pam Whitehead Marsha Woodbury, Jana Bott (Secretary), Ray Curnow, & Ann Baker
 Otago/Southland Judith Lawton Lynne Fegan, Philip Noye, & Carole Bee (Secretary)


Task Force Groups CHAIR MEMBERS
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