2024 Trials

2024 International Trials

RESULTS are again available on line, HERE. WE ARE UNABLE TO SHOW LIVE RESULTS.

The trials for the 2024 Open and Women International Teams will be held on the weekend of the 3rd - 6th February at Auckland Bridge Club.

There are 4 teams contesting Open selection and 3 teams contesting the Womens. 

The format for the Open is a semifinal of 6 x 16 board stanza with the Bach team having the choice of opponent. The 2 winning teams will then play off in a final of 6 x 16 board stanza. There will be live results for both the semifinal and final and can be found here The last 4 stanza of the final will also be available on BBO vugraph

The format for the Women is 8 x 16 board matches played. The 2 winning teams will then play off in a final 4 x 16 board stanza. The qualifying rounds will be played at the Auckland Bridge Club. The results wil be alive and available here.  The Final will be played online on RealBridge and able to be viewed on their website here.

The trialists can be found here and supplementary regulations and system cards are here.


Results are available here.


  Semifinal Qualifying
9.00am Stanza 1 Match 1
11.15am Stanza 2 Match 2
2.00pm Stanza 3 Match 3
4.15pm Stanza 4 Match 4
9.00am Stanza 5 Match 5
11.15am Stanza 6 Match 6
2.00pm Stanza 1 Match 7
4.15pm Stanza 2 Match 8
9.00am Stanza 3  
11.15am Stanza 4  
2.00pm Stanza 5  
4.15pm Stanza 6  
9.00am   Stanza 1
11.15am   Stanza 2
2.00pm   Stanza 3
4.15pm   Stanza 4






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