Current Rep Teams


Congratulations to those selected for 2020. NZB has already announced that they will not be sending teams
to the World Bridge Games in August. At this stage, it seems unlikely that those Games will take place at all.
However, we think it is important that the achievement of those selected is acknowledged.

World Championships - Salsomaggiore, Italy
Team name: OPEN
Bridge Blacks
Bridge Ferns
Bridge Masters
Mixed Blacks
  Matt Brown
Michael Whibley
Ashley Bach
Michael Cornell
Martin Reid
Peter Newell 
 Shirley Newton 
Jenny Wilkinson
Christine Gibbons
Jenna Gibbons
Andi Boughey
Carol Richardson
Tom Jacob
Brian Mace
John Skipper
Alan Grant
Jonathon Westoby
Malcolm Mayer 
Barry Jones
Jenny Millington
Patrick Carter
Julie Atkinson
Jo Simpson
Sam Simpson
Reserve pair: GeO Tislevoll
Nick Jacob
Linda Cartner
& Glenis Palmer 
Bob Hurley 
& Ken Yule 
Blair & Liz Fisher 

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